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Diamond & CBN Wheels
Guide to superabrasive wheels,
such as diamond wheels and CBN wheels,
developed and manufactured by nitolex.
Grinding Wheels
Guide to the various grinding stones handled by nitolex.
Let us propose grinding stones that match your needs and products from free rough grinding to high-efficiency mechanical grinding.
Related Products
nitolex handles everything you need for grinding work including grinding fluids and protective safety equipment.

nitolex continues an endless challenge as a diamond & CBN wheel and grinding wheel manufacturer.

Developing and Producing One by One
To answer
our customers'
various requests
Extensive Product Lineup Offering
more than 44,000 products
Reliability and Records
Built over 80 years
Our establishment
in 1934
Since our establishment in 1934, nitolex has specialized in diamond & CBN wheels ang grinding wheels. We have continued to develop technology that leads the needs of the era of advancement and diversity.

nitolex's strengths

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