About nitolex

nitolex's Three Strengths

01 Developing and Producing One by One
To answer our customers' various requests
As a maker of grinding stone related tools, nitolex manufactures all of its products with a complete made-to-order system. We provide made-to-order products that match the dimensions, material and accuracy of our customer’s products, as well as match the production facilities such as the grinding machine and grinding fluid. Please consult with us if you are looking for a grinding stone that can complete difficult machining, or if you want a grinding wheel that can be used with special equipment.
02 Extensive Product Lineup Offering
more than 44,000 products
nitolex can provide more than 44,000 types of products. Grinding stones and grinding wheels are extremely important consumable tools that determine the product's accuracy in the final stages of machining. A single product is not necessarily the best even for the same industry or same application. That is why we have an extensive product lineup to match a variety of customer needs.


03 Reliability and Records
Built over 80 years since Our establishment in 1934
In the more than 80 years since nitolex's predecessor (Nitto Grinding Wheel Laboratory) was established in 1934, we have continued to provide products that match the times. Our relationship of trust with longtime customers is solid, and we have accumulated numerous achievements. We will continue to support your needs in detail as we look toward our 100th anniversary. Please entrust your grinding wheel needs to nitolex.

Company Profile

Corporate Philosophy


Since our establishment in 1934, nitolex has specialized in grinding equipment, including grinding stones and grinding wheels. We have continued to develop technology that leads the needs of the era in terms of advancement and diversity.
As professionals in the grinding industry, we propose the most suitable grinding methods for our customers' systems. Our corporate philosophy is "Creating an infinite future with the methods and proposals of brilliant advanced technology." We have committed this philosophy in our company name nitolex, a compound of the Latin words nitor (brilliance) and lex (method, proposal).

ISO9001 Certification

ISO 9001 マネジメントシステム登録証 ISO 9001 付属書
nitolex has acquired ISO9001 Certification, the internationally recognized quality management system, for our diamond and CBN wheel, grinding stone and grinding-related tool, etc., manufacturing, sales and grinding stone recycling business.

As a manufacturer of grinding stones, our entire company will continue our efforts to achieve customer satisfaction through the manufacture and development of high quality grinding stones and grinding wheels.
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184 Komukae Taketoyo-cho Chitagun Aichi-Pref 470-2343

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