Questions and Responses

Can you sell your products directly to the overseas cunstomers?
Basically it is possible. Please consult us individually. However, if you have already purchased our products in a different route, we may have to respect it.
Can you ship your products to a customer's factory outside of Japan?
Basically, we can ship products to the place of outside of Japan; however, consultations in adnvance are required depending on the destination.
Can you give us advice on the choice of grinding wheel or on how to resolve problems?
Basically it's possible. Please tell us the detailed information such as the material of the processed work, grinding condition and precision prescribed, etc. for us at the time of the meeting,
Do you provide technical consultations at factories outside of Japan?
Depending on the countries, our sales engineers may be able to help you. Please send us an email with details of your consultations.
Do you keep products in stock?
Our products are made to order, so we do not maintain basic stock.
Are there any precautions for storage?
Please follow our "Safety Guidelines" when storing our products.
Please contact us here for more information about our grinding wheels and about placing orders, etc.

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