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Company name nitolex Corporation
Established February 1934
Head office 【Main factory】
184 Komukae Taketoyo-cho Chitagun
Aichi-Pref 470-2343 Japan

【Sales head office】
2-17-3 Tsurumai Showa-ku
Nagoya city 466-0064 Japan
Capital 191 million yen (consolidation)
President Seiichiro Kanemitsu
Employees 265
Sales 8,584 million yen (fiscal 2023)
Banks of account The Shoko Chukin Bank, Ltd.(Nagoya Branch)
The Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.(Nagoya Main Office)
Mizuho Bank, Ltd.(Nagoya Corporate Banking Branch)
Group profile nitolex Corporation Main factory
nitolex Corporation Sales head office Each branch
nitolex Corporation Niigata head office Each branch
Nittoh Commerce Corporation
nitolex Group Cooperativ


1934 Nittoh Grinding Wheel Laboratory established in Kyoto.
1940 Factory moves to its present location in Taketoyo.
1941 Reorganized from Laboratory to Nittoh Grinding Industry.
1953 Started production of resinoid grinding wheels.
1953 Separated the manufacturing and sales divisions to expand its sales organization, and established the sales company, Nitto Houken Co., Ltd.
Subsequently, separated offices around the country to act as sales companies.
1956 Developed polynoid grinding wheels as replacements for resinoid grinding wheels..
1960 Given an award by MITI for excellent quality control and plant management.
1979 Started production of diamond and CBN wheels..
1989 Company name changed to nitolex Corporation.
1994 Developed ceramic grain "NX" grinding wheels and high-efficiency "NX2" grinding wheels.
1994 Developed super high speed "Levitas" wheels.
1995 Developed metal/ceramic composite bond "Uplas" wheels..
1998 Acquired ISO 9001:1994 certification (JQA-2689).
2000 Developed sophisticated "Neovex" grinding wheels for soft materials.
2002 Developed high-performance "Capio" single-layer wheels.
2002 Upgraded to ISO 9001:2000.
2004 Developed "S.Vario" special surface treatment grain grinding wheels.
2006 Developed new super heat resistant resin-bonded "Tufflex" wheels.
2006 Developed "Nanofix" ceramic bonded, super fine grain diamond wheels.
2006 Developed "Hybrix" a kind with a new Uplas wheel for vertical spindle surface grinding, glass materials.
2008 Developed "BH Bond" a kind with resinoid grinding wheels.
2008 Developed "Bonulex" wheels.
2008 Developed "NW" grinding wheels.
2009 Upgraded to ISO 9001:2008.
2009 Developed "Salios" a kind with a new Uplas wheel for grinding cermet.
2010 Developed "Fortas" grinding wheels.
2011 Developed "High Grade Cera"ceramics grinding wheels.
2012 Developed "BF Bond" a kind with resinoid grinding wheels.
2012 Developed "Gear Fine" grinding wheels.
2012 Developed "Lumic" wheels.
2012 Developed metal/ceramic composite new bond "S・Uplas" wheels..
2013 広州利精刃貿易有限公司 is established to China and Guanzhou.
2014 Developed "Melior" grinding wheels.
2014 Developed "Lattice" lattice-like arrangement disk wheels.
2017 Rename from 広州利精刃貿易有限公司 to 広州日東莱庫斯貿易有限公司.
【Main factory】
184 Komukae Taketoyo-cho Chitagun Aichi-Pref 470-2343

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